Tuesday, January 7, 2014

.Have Faith.


Dear readers.

It's been a while since I'm not updating my blog. Honestly, I'm trying to find some free time to post some updates, but well as usual, I cannot find any suitable time. Sometimes I felt like stuck, I do not know how to start, the ideas usually comes while I'm walking to the office, while I'm driving waiting for the green lights while stuck at the jammed --the time when I do not have a computer with me! I don't practice mobile blogging, since I felt it have lack of blogging mojo so here's the update...........finally! Hahaha

Ahh, on top of that, Happy New Year to all readers. I wish everyone succes, joy & happy always along this lucky year. May all good term always be with us, in shaa Allah.

I ended 2013 with full of goodness & a few great chapters. Basically, I received two good news which I didn't expect to be happen at the first place. It's true when there's a saying "We're planning, God also planning, but God's plan always the best". I totally agree with it. I keep planning, and hope that something must be happen like this, in this way etc. But it don't happen like how I planned or wished. It ever happened until one time I felt like life's so unfair. I know it's wrong to think like that, but I cannot run from a disappointment when something not happen within the track that we plan for.

Alhamdulillah, Ya Rabb did His part greatly. I thankful to HIM, He granted my wishes, as I know I'm not His good slave. I lacked so many of myself. I know I don't really practice as a complete muslim. One of my resolution is to be a better muslim and to have some rehab for the heart. You know one of the way to clean the heart is by zikr,and I do practiced this (around 2months already), alhamdulillah I felt more calm day by day. The hardest part is to "istiqamah" to perform that. I hope Allah will ease my journey toward being a better muslim. Ameen.

Well, 2014 just goes very well, so far. I cannot wait to receive the official letter so that I can "leave" the bank as soon as possible. I'm worry about the repayment that I have to pay since I'm pretty sure I'll tender within a very short notice. But there's no success without a few of sacrifices isn't it? I'll try my best to not giving up and follow for each flows that has been written by God.

Currently I'm a happy girl. Tears didn't come too frequent this time (Syukur!). I just hope all these happiness will be maintain in the future and till Jannah. I know there will be an upside down in life, and I always believe that as long as we keep having faith, God will always be with us and help us. Do not give up if our wishes still not be granted, keep praying and keep positive. Believe me, your rainbow will come to you soon ;)

Will keep posted after this. Don't forget, have faith, keep positive & spread love. Talking is easy, but believe me, you can do it. Start everything with a clean heart, in shaa Allah God will help & ease everything for us.

Till then, bye!