Friday, June 27, 2008

"happy birthday"

Happy Birthday to my frenz:

19th -> Chiez19
21st -> sEth a.k.a. Bearbrick
25th -> Elsa Soraya
26th -> Aidit Alfian
27th -> Zed Zaidi

may God always bless you all..frenz 4ever...

p/s: bcoming buffday?my mommy ;) ,sabarina (mommy to adam)..

boyfriend = best friend?

not really..or sometimes yeah..
dunno to decide..huu~
boyfren maybe can be best fren,but when get into opposite,it's hard to describe..
it's jz feeling dun loose someone dat u've fren 4 a long time wif him/her..
i really dunno! damn! God,plz help me..or anyone can help me?idea plz....

long time not text in dis blog..i've spills things a lot n lots of things messed up of me..
arghh! really dunno what to do..after my S'visor come for checking us up, i feel so relieve..fuhh!
really dun hv idea wut to do in office..all d times is

hah! want to talk about my baby..#1..d sweet Mia.yup,Mia Zulykha..wut a sweet n huggable babe! mommy's always luv u darling! hee~
well,i jz want to stepped out from work strees dis wik..
ah,it's will happen in juz few more minutes..can't wait! sbr..1245 jap lg jek.

today i half day..tonite nk g's mayb long journey..sgt tidak sbr..hehe
jgn jeles kwn2 praktikal ku..aku mau bercuti..daaaa!

Saturday, June 21, 2008

..nasi lemak life..

how can i think such d title above?=)
perhaps i ate nasi lemak everyday,so d title posted out.
y i can say like dat?
we dun ate d perfect nasi lemak if we ate it jz 'nasi' only;
without 'ikan bilis','kacang','telur' & of course spicy 'sambal' isn't it...

same goes wif our life,it's not complete without frenz,best frenz,boyfren,families n LOVE!
i think dis is d right time 4 me to appreciate ma life.
even we felt we're melted or sinked,there's many people can save us !

even i was broke up wif my bf,we're still being gud frenz..think dis is better 4 now.
frenz inneed is a frenz indeed..i jz came back from hosptal last nite for visiting fyrus' mom dat undergo 4 operation on her left hand caused by diabetes.
ouch! wut a freak to see it n thanx God, her hand is in bandage, if it's not,im dying! =p

so after dis,i mesti exercise! perlu! i dun want get warded atau menderita kesakitan!..huu~
it's such a damn bored thing for staying in office while ur frenz stil berguling2 di hujung mggu..
argh! it'll over for couple of weeks..n i can't wait it! d best thing,akhirnya abg HR bersetuju utk m'berikn compny pnya corporate shirts 4 us bdk2 prktikal..yess!

today im going home..yeah,balik kg! thanx dude 4 always supporting me! luv u all..

p/s: waiting for Holland Vs Spain in euro finale..huu~

Friday, June 20, 2008


it's been a long time i desire to create my own blog..and now hah! it's already created..i really dunno how to operate..(jz that im IT student but dunno much bout the blog!) wut a shame!
hahah,well people can learn.

i want to say that my Loser meter is 60% full..where's d other's 4 my brave.
i never felt such an idiot n mad girl or perhaps can called it bitch! yeah,it's bitch not witch!
all things happen is sucks! damn shit.

after broke up wif d person dat i hv been together 4 3years 4months 3weeks & 4days,i realize dat we're not His servant and human being,we're trying to look 4 perfect match,but d truth is we're retarded!

im not blame myself or my ex 4 dis broke's dat guilty n act in d wrong way..things happen for a reason..n only me n u know d reasons..n i dun bother wut people said bout us coz i can shut up their mouths.

d other loser is when my fav team Portugal dead in Quarter finale against Germany dat myself felt Porto can beat 'em..i regret it all 4 not watching d last game of Porto.arghh! but thanx a lot to ma best bud Ali 4 being updater.

watever comes,be brave! fighting!