Tuesday, November 24, 2009

.Thank God We're 6th!.

the Love still grow, still spark, still shine.
Thanks to Irwan Syg for coming on last weekend!
For celebrating our half-year of breathing together.
Best sgt sgt sgt sgt!!!!
Paling best, we going shop shop shop shop. Kali ni betul2 nak tercabut kaki tau! ;)
Oh yes, we shoping for several tunang things.
Suka. Suka :)
ps: Later i post, apa kebende yang buat our wallet bocor :P
pss: gmbr takde kene mengena dgn entry. i saje letak. just love the pixs :P


Ries Lee said...

pastu cter plak pasal mesin atm pecah...

SiGedikDariScotland said...

pasti! :)