Saturday, June 21, 2008

..nasi lemak life..

how can i think such d title above?=)
perhaps i ate nasi lemak everyday,so d title posted out.
y i can say like dat?
we dun ate d perfect nasi lemak if we ate it jz 'nasi' only;
without 'ikan bilis','kacang','telur' & of course spicy 'sambal' isn't it...

same goes wif our life,it's not complete without frenz,best frenz,boyfren,families n LOVE!
i think dis is d right time 4 me to appreciate ma life.
even we felt we're melted or sinked,there's many people can save us !

even i was broke up wif my bf,we're still being gud frenz..think dis is better 4 now.
frenz inneed is a frenz indeed..i jz came back from hosptal last nite for visiting fyrus' mom dat undergo 4 operation on her left hand caused by diabetes.
ouch! wut a freak to see it n thanx God, her hand is in bandage, if it's not,im dying! =p

so after dis,i mesti exercise! perlu! i dun want get warded atau menderita kesakitan!..huu~
it's such a damn bored thing for staying in office while ur frenz stil berguling2 di hujung mggu..
argh! it'll over for couple of weeks..n i can't wait it! d best thing,akhirnya abg HR bersetuju utk m'berikn compny pnya corporate shirts 4 us bdk2 prktikal..yess!

today im going home..yeah,balik kg! thanx dude 4 always supporting me! luv u all..

p/s: waiting for Holland Vs Spain in euro finale..huu~

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