Friday, June 27, 2008

boyfriend = best friend?

not really..or sometimes yeah..
dunno to decide..huu~
boyfren maybe can be best fren,but when get into opposite,it's hard to describe..
it's jz feeling dun loose someone dat u've fren 4 a long time wif him/her..
i really dunno! damn! God,plz help me..or anyone can help me?idea plz....

long time not text in dis blog..i've spills things a lot n lots of things messed up of me..
arghh! really dunno what to do..after my S'visor come for checking us up, i feel so relieve..fuhh!
really dun hv idea wut to do in office..all d times is

hah! want to talk about my baby..#1..d sweet Mia.yup,Mia Zulykha..wut a sweet n huggable babe! mommy's always luv u darling! hee~
well,i jz want to stepped out from work strees dis wik..
ah,it's will happen in juz few more minutes..can't wait! sbr..1245 jap lg jek.

today i half day..tonite nk g's mayb long journey..sgt tidak sbr..hehe
jgn jeles kwn2 praktikal ku..aku mau bercuti..daaaa!

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