Thursday, September 4, 2008

10 Things bout ma Luv Life!

i took dis survey kat mana tah..dah tak ingat dh..hee~

have you ever been in love:
+yup..aku sedang ingin bercinta~

do you believe in love:
+suda tentu..i do love being in love..

why did your last relationship fail:

+why?tak de jodoh (jwpn cliche artis Malaysia) ;p

have you ever been heartbroken:
+pasti pernah..sape tak pernah itu takde hati..huu

have you ever broken someone's heart?:
+iye..aku ini amat berdosa padanya..

have you ever fallen for your best friend:

+no komen..

have you ever liked someone but never told them:

+iye..minat cristiano Ronaldo..takut nk gtau dia..hahahah

are you afraid of commitment:

+never..commitment is excitement!

have you ever kissed someone you liked:


have you ever had a secret admirer:
+takdelah..ape secret2..

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