Sunday, November 9, 2008

=My Bed saying:"Baliklah Cepat"=

well,d final has just started on d past 6Nov..
starting with SQ (Software Quality) which i can tell d insanity level was 78%..
it's crazy,not in answering it..but in studying it..
d question was 50-50 coz there's 3 same question like past2 year question dat i already having d answers..haha~ (PM Manan,gv me A lah)

then,0n 7th was ITE paper..
not crazy frenzy subject,but d question was da bomb!
a lot! ade ke question 1 dat compulsory to answer ada 5 pecahan
a,b,c,d,e yg tiap2 nye ade anak2 lg..bygkan,cmna skitnye tanganku menjawab..
then,need to answer 2 more question yg pesen nye same jek..huu~

then,8th was IC..(naik gila dh aku stdy,ari2 paper..xpatot!)
haa..dis paper i jz can't see the question trends..
tah ape yg bakal muncul..
n when d day has come,saye m'jwb dgn t'sengguk2..
tu la sape suoh tdo..but dlm t'sengguk+t'menguap tu i still can answering it..
hope Dr.Hisham amat baik hati memberikan markahnye :P

as i said early,my bed keep saying: "balik lah cepat"
sbb i dh lma xdpt landing kt my bed..
asik dok bilik org je..
kalo blik pon dok kt meja..kesian katilku..hahah
well,d next paper was 11th n 18th..
on 11th,i nk blik umah..sbb da janji dgn my mom..
kesian dia..i kna jaga dia la skg ni..
dh i je yg dekat dgn umah..

skg,it's time for having fun dgn katilku..huu~

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