Tuesday, November 18, 2008

=Last Fight=

1t's Nov 18th..
today is my last fight for the exam finale..
fuuhh,after 1 week waiting for a gap, i felt nothing..
nape saya x risau?nape saya x b'debar2?
ntah..i'll just tawakkal when stepping to the exam hall..
hope everything gonna be alright n i can answe d question dgn jayanya..

ahha,today is my cousin birthday..i called him uncle..(padahal dia sebaya saye)
"Happy Birthday Uncle Farhan"..May God bless you..
im still thinking how was his brother condition (ujai) which still in ICU in HKL
coz involved in accident by himself at Jalan Parlimen..
we've no idea how the accident happen,ape2 kna tggu ujai sedar la..
get well soon bro!

when i fight for my last paper,it's mean dat i just have almost 24hours to spend time
with my bf..coz after dis i need to go home (as early as i can)..
coz my mom in no good health..so itu adalah menjadi tanggungjawab saya utk jaga beliau..
we've plan for going for movies tomorrow..madagascar 2..ntah jadi ke x..harap2 jadik la..
then i need to settle the matters of posting to my younger brother..pos motor beliau..
isk,mcm2 nk kna wat..dhla nk kna gi larkin nun..nsb baik sayang ade..

i wish all my frenz happy holiday..have a great great holiday & always take care..
n to my beloved, take a good care when going the camp..(saya x dpt pegi coz saya menarik diri coz of family matters)..jaga hati,jaga mata ya dear..daaa~

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