Monday, December 1, 2008

^My Spirits CoMe Home^'s d greatest word i can said for what everything ever happen in my life dis's just because i had so many obstacles n 'dugaan' especially in dis semester..
u'll know how to blow up or smack ur head when many problems came at same time..
dgn konflik menarik diri dr kem, dgn my mom feet yg patah b'simen + dugaan exam yang maha menguji akal dan keimanan..

but now everything were fixed..i jz came back from taking my mommy to the hospital for the appointment m'buka simen kakinya..u know lah hispital kerajaan, many procedures..xtahan aku..ape pn today i jz being a professional wheelchair pusher..hahah,,klakar tul..
sorong wheelchair cm nk gi race..huu~ tp alhamdulillah everything ok..
kaki mak dh x yah simen, n now she can walk as usual..(ape tak nye, br bkak simen dh ajak jenjalan gi bp mall) ;p

then lots of good things also came to my life..
i've jz got offer from my PSM supervisor, lovely Dr.Ito for being his RA..
what the great thing was bout my chances to further my master degree in research in just 1 and half years..bayangkan, org len buat 2years! *wink* ibarat bln jatuh ke riba..

pastu dgn result exam yg aku amat berpuas hati (dean list!) last sem aku hancur, tp sem ni mmg menguji kesabaran tul..n finally usaha tidak sia2..what i give, i got back..alhamdulillah..
im thinking how to waste my holiday time yg berbaki lg 3 minggu ni..
alamatnye dok ngadap tv jela after bdn aku da sakit2 sbb mengemas umah punya pasal..ahaha
tu la org x panh jd suri rumah, skali wat keje...dush! my back! whatever make it work! ;)

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