Thursday, June 11, 2009

.Tanpa Ragu.

To: Mr. Irwan B. Musa

I still remember,
The first moment we met,
I already knew.
I truly loved you.
I know that you're mine.

I'm sorry for the lies I created,
And maybe; that's brings us to be fated.

You make me whole,
You make me shining,
Over the sun and the stars,
You're the one I love,
You're my soul mate.
You're my flesh and blood.
You're perfect, lies in my eyes.

You complete me,
There will be no others,
It's just you,
The one and only,
And always one.

All my heart always saying:
No kidding, No thinking.
My mind, my soul, my taste, my feeling
This love will stick together
And never be broken.

I loved you from the start,
I pray for the happy ending,
There will be no end,
A love that forever,
Until forever's gone
Only will ascend.

Thanks for the honour of being my special boyfriend.

Love you, always have, always will.
Your Sayang.


s a y a said...

To Mr Irwan,
sy mengesahkan kata2 di atas adlh benar..

hee..btol, gha mmg syg u giler2 lah.. abis tempias strawberi die 2 kt dlm bilik kitorg..


SiGedikDariScotland said...

.s a y a.

he he~ saya tidak rasuah kamu kan? :D

.:.farayhasukri.:. said...

true luv

SiGedikDariScotland said...


yes it is. menyesal buang masa dulu. huhu~

s a y a said...


sy x menerima rasuah k..


SiGedikDariScotland said...

.s a y a.

wah! bagus..SAYA ANTI RASUAH :P