Wednesday, February 3, 2010

.Word of Wardrobe: #1.

" Woman is like Cornetto,
complicated but Sweet :) "
- Najihah A


s a y a said...


1st, i nk say sorry3 sbb i can't make it 2 ur e-Day..

2nd, u kena tag kt blog i..hehe

zach said...

say who cornetto is complicated. u go to the grocery shop, u choose your desirable flavor, u purchase it and eat it.

whats so complicated abt that?

unless you're complicated, than, not only cornetto, all things will become complicated tooo.

SiGedikDariScotland said...


Yes sir, buying cornetto is not complicated.

But the cornetto itself complicated. Found it? :)

SiGedikDariScotland said...


It's ok, i understand :)