Friday, October 31, 2008

=im surrender!=

Dear My Self..
i really don't like d words above..but i need to say it..
yeah,im damn SURRENDER to myself n to d project dat i currently worked for it..
why? because i really dun have any idea how to solve it..
as u know, when it takes to programming, it's just like want to blow up my head..
well..what can i's 00:51 now (while im writing this)..
tomorrow on 11:20 is our turn to present our project..
but i can feel it can't be done..
i just now hoping for any miracle to be happen..
and one thing dat important, when it comes to the condition of desperate,
when everybody seem just thinking ov themselves,
u'll know & see who is really ur truly fren & who is only a 'mask' fren..

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