Wednesday, October 15, 2008

=it's my birthday!!=

hooreyy! it's my 22nd birthday today..
thanx to God for giving me a very very good life 4 dis 22years of age..alhamdulillah...
thanx 4 my brother n sister yg xlupe my besday..
adeq (so early,he wished on 14th!), along n abang (slh wish,xbelated jd belated ;p)..
im going to say thanx a lot 4 all my frenz who had wish me me last nite n today..
edy (ruzaidi), ain yusop, sakinah (my cousin), izza, zakuan, yatie, topek, sumayyah, pojie, faeza (cousin), wan, fendi, kak siti & serra..
and not forgot all my frenz yg wish in facebook..
you'll be bless! ;)u all such a wonderful fren :) thanx buddies!
i wish this 22nd besday will brings a lot of happinesses in ma life..amiin..
below is apart ov besday card yg i receive frm ma fren..thanx..thanx (",)

from myzs a.k.a my twin ;)

from sumayyah ;)

from edy..nice pantun anyway..hahah

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