Thursday, January 8, 2009


it's just the time..time 4 me n myself going for having some an urban fresh air..pheuu~
i'll leave for KL tomorrow (my bus ticket was just on 1 a.m) was the last bus schedule that we take..we?why i said we?coz i'll go two,together with my....dunno what i should called him..him?yes,it's him..not her or 50-50 him/her..hahah
i just want to say dat i've no experience going to KL on time dat people should go sleep..
so,i just feel sedikit 'berdebar-debar' n starting thinking yg bukan2..tau2 jelah myself ni..hehe
i just pray dat we'll hv a safety journey..amiin..
why must i go to KL?it's for YOUTH'09..i as part of Malaysian youth supporting the BIGGEST Malaysia's Lifestyle's pwtc the you all should so excited..huu~
and the best part is i would like to 'jalan-jalan' dgn my...we'll hop on off all around d kl..
think dat we'll go for genting,,but i dunno..we'll see..
that's all..gud nite ;)

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