Wednesday, October 26, 2011

.A Bad Dream.


Last night I had a very very bad dream, I guessed -_- Lately, those 'black' dreams come frequently, and I'm quite scared when I thinked about it.

About last night, yeah I dreamed that my husband cheating on me, and the worst part is cheating with one of my best friends! pffft. Apa punya mimpi lah!

In that dream, both of them do not have any guilty feeling in hurting my heart even an-inch. Geram betul i! Until I woke up and my whole body were sweating!

Fuhh, nasib baik it was just a dream! But how about if it really happen?

Oh NO NO! I cannot and I don't want to imagine about that thing. But if one day it really happen, I think I CANNOT FORGIVE THEM FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE. Sampai dekat Padang Masyar pun I cannot forgive them kot.

Yeah you maybe can live happily together after dumped me, but you'll never live peacefully. I guarantee lah. Yelah kan, what you give, you get back kan. You sakitkan hati orang, one day you kena balik ye tak. Nowadays kan Tuhan bayar cash :)

Iskk emo pulak, dah takmo fikir bukan-bukan dah :)

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