Saturday, April 18, 2009


it's coming!



this 20th & 30th will be the day.

the starting monday must be a tough day i guess.

oh shit! it seems that i've to be a struggling chick!

kawan-kawan doakan saya ye! T_T



as i travel foot by foot

in searching the blissful worship

the day was made for us

as the little red being lucky meeting the helios yellow

and i am glad u truly there, waiting for me



PS: in the xoxo mood ^.^


melon. said...

wishing u gud lak~

SiGedikDariScotland said...


thanks melon..miss ke mr. melon heh?ehe~

DizzY AzZ said...

Good Luck utk upcoming exam nnt... sudah FINALE ke? How lucky...


SiGedikDariScotland said...

.DizzY AzZ.

thanx dizzy :) yup, suda FINALE..tak sabar mau abis..just tinggal 1 short sem utk project only..

a I z A m said...

gdluck gdluck...yay..aku abes final dlu dr ko..hahahhaa

SiGedikDariScotland said...

.a I z A m.

thanks..thanks..waaaaaaaaa tak aci! takpe2..ko keje dulu, nt senang aku mau mintak keje pulak..he he~

AsZuRa HaRuN said...

to my beloved frens..
godd luck eyh final ko..walaupun da agak terlambat kan aku nak wish coz paper POI da setle tapi aku tetap nak wish jugak...hahahah!!!!

SiGedikDariScotland said...

.AsZuRa HaRuN.

thanx babe! but paper td memang cam haram! haha~

u know u love me, XoXo :D